The unique website 2Stocks.ru gives you a great chance to find your own trading strategy.

Our experts

Our experts are the world-class specialists in their fields whose professional experience is proved by high achievements and well-deserved reputation.

Target audience

Our target audience is beginning investors, independent traders, and speculators opening 4-6 trades a month.

What do we write about?

We write about all type of investments - from wine and art to stock exchange assets and real estate. We take interest in global economy and Russia`s politics as they might affect our users` portfolio.

Perks of 2Stocks.ru

Nothings but investment ideas! You buy at a particular price and sell at another. That`s it.

Our friends at BetaFinance.ru

It is not our first year on Forex. We hear almost every day investors saying they want to switch the Russian market to the U.S. one.

This website is devoted to Europe`s and the United States` economic and political news. Here you will find the latest information on foreign companies and markets, interviews and exclusive blogs of traders operating in international markets.

BetaFinance.ru - everything will be NYSE!

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