Discover the world of trading and finance with RuTrade offers a wide range of special opportunities to traders. The website gives an easy access to the news on financial and currency markets as well as stock exchanges. Besides, here you can find lots of relevant information on Forex, the Ukrainian Stock Exchange, options and futures trading. Moreover, there are many analytical reviews prepared not only by specialists at brokerage firms and banks, but also by ordinary traders, who have been watching the situation developing on market and observing the latest news.

The website also contains information on brokerage companies, their activity as well as the contests and campaigns they hold. Traders` comments on each broker might come in useful too. The section devoted to educational materials proves valuable to newbies. Selecting this section, you gain access to videos, books, and articles designed to help both beginning and professional traders. You will like it for sure. What`s more, all-comers can sign up for online courses so that to get clued in the currency market. The educational program will help you to puzzle out how indicators work, what trading psychology is, and why investing in Forex is a great way to earn. Grab a chance to take some trading strategy on board or work out principles of technical and fundamental analysis. is perfect both for those who have a keen interest in financial markets and those who have been constantly working on self-improvement by learning new ways to make money with a use of huge amount of trading instruments. - broaden your knowledge of trading.

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