Business Companion

Business Companion is a web resource presenting breaking news and economic and business events in the region, Ukraine, and all over the world. Besides, it contains fresh practical information for entrepreneurs, important announcements of the tax police, profiles of successful projects and personalities, major trends in the forex, stock, and other financial markets. 

Apart from the informative section, there are a lot of new features that are difficult to cover in a printed periodical such as:

1. The catalogue of companies;

2. Promo campaigns held by companies; 

3. Free classified ads; 

4. Expert advice; 

5. Direct mailing. 

In the news feed updated literally every three minutes, you will find a great variety of news from specialized web resources. The section of domestic news provides essential information on the regional economy, events in the business life, investment projects, and business cooperation. Business Companion has gained in popularity owing to promotion through different periodicals and social networks. The web resource has amassed positive reviews and offers from entrepreneurs and regular readers, who are interested in economic and business issues, problems of economic progress in Ukraine and its regions.

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