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ShowFx World Online with Alistair Crooks, 01.07.21.

On July 1st we hosted another English webinar with Alistair Crooks - the head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club from the UK!
Alistair covered a great number of important issues, including:
- The 3 key areas where traders are going wrong;
- How to use strategy and discretion - so you can trade successfully in any market conditions;
- The importance of data and exactly what to capture and how to analyse it;
- How to deploy effective risk management and then optimise the results you get.

Also Ali walked our participants through one of his six core swing trading strategies for Forex, how to optimize it for lower time frame entries, and showed us how to use it in LIVE trade examples.

Plus, all our participants had the opportunity to win trading bonuses in the lucky draw, and this time the bonuses went up! And, of course, our congratulations to those 3 winners who answered the tricky questions of the InstaForex Super-quiz! They were lucky to win 1000 and 2000 USD trading bonuses as well as an iPhone SE!
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