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Conference in Dhaka

We are happy to announce our first ShowFx Asia event in Dhaka!

Dhaka is the economic, cultural and political centre of Bangladesh. It's the largest city in the Bengal region and a major city of South Asia and among the OIC states.

The Republic of Bangladesh still remains among developing countries. However, the authorities make efforts to boost the economic growth and encourage external financial assistance. Dhaka is home to a number of regional and international development organizations, including the permanent secretariat of BIMSTEC.

Dhaka is home to thousands of Bangladeshi businesses and the offices of many international corporations. The Dhaka Stock Exchange is one of the largest in South Asia in terms of trading volume and market capitalization.

Conference in Dhaka aims to increase professionalism of traders and unite in one place all members of Forex community: brokers, trading experts and of course, traders!

We gather a great panel of speakers to give you trading advice gleaned from years of their experience.

At the Conference you will:

- learn key principles required to become a successful trader;

- discover the most practical and timesaving trading strategies;

learn effective methods of emotional control that will help you both during trading and in your everyday life;

- discover the latest developments in economics and on the markets in 2017;

- meet face to face with top Forex experts;

- get trading bonuses from Forex brokers;

- enjoy raffles and prize draws.

See you in the Olives Residence in Dhaka on March, 4!

10 days TO GO
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  • ShowFx Asia in Dhaka, 04.03.2017
    The Olives Residents & Suites, H # 3, R # 126, Gulshan-1, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Charlie Burton
Co-founder and head trader at EzeeTrader.com
1. How to Turn a $10,000 Account into $100,000.
2. The Art of Becoming a Real Life Market Wizard.

Charlie Burton

Co-founder and head trader at EzeeTrader.com

Charlie Burton has been trading for 18 years and is well known for his live trading demonstrations. He started his career working in the fund management industry before going full time into trading. He established Ezeetrader.com in 2002 with his trading partner and it focuses on teaching short term trading techniques to traders. The live online trading room attracts traders from all over the world as Charlie and Kym guide them through each trading day. Charlie has traded and presented at numerous shows including Investor IX, World Money Show, London Investor and TIPS TV plus he has won the London Forex Show live trade-off completion for the past 3 years consecutively. He was featured on the BBC documentary called `Traders, Millions by the Minute` plus he has recently completed a live challenge to turn a $10,000 account into $100,000 within 2 years.

Alistair Crooks
Head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club
1. The Keys To Become A Profitable Trader.
2. The Top 10 Tools & Techniques Every Trader Needs For A Winning Trading Mindset.

Alistair Crooks

Head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club

At the age of 40 Ali Crooks has been trading for the last sixteen years. He has worked with some of the top Forex and commodities traders, both in the UK and in the US, with many of them now his close friends. He is the founder and head trader and trainer at Traders Support Club.

`I focus my trading around two trend based methodologies that I have refined over a five year period. I have traded successfully through one bear and two bull markets and I still spend time working with and learning from some of the best traders and investors around the world. I help all types of traders, at all levels, ditch their bad habits, realise how to approach trading correctly, step over their emotional hurdles, trade for real and get them to grow their accounts in a consistent way.` In 2011 Ali was asked by Rich Dad Education to be part of their board of Global Advisors where he shared with over 2800 delegates, his skills, insights and passion for Forex trading. He has been asked to speak and coach all over the world and has been a keynote-trading speaker, sharing the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, James Caan, Mike Maloney, Dr John DeMartini, Erin Brockovich, Kelly Holmes MBE and Penny Power OBE. More recently Ali was one of only two traders willing to trade his own account live in front of 400 eager delegates at the 2015 London Forex Show. Recently Ali was asked by Jordan Belfort to speak alongside him at one of his exclusive events specifically to share his knowledge and application of trading. He is the co-author of the book Madness Of Money and is the one of the UK`s most sought after trading coach and mentor. Ali`s trading technique: Trend based momentum day and swing trading using price and moving average based trading techniques.

Sergey Aleksandrov
Regional development manager at InstaForex
5 Secrets of Alternative Profit on Forex.

Sergey Aleksandrov

Regional development manager at InstaForex

Sergey works with InstaForex partners since 2009. During this time he participated in big partnership projects and company services launching.  He is a permanent speaker at the events dedicated to Forex and partnership marketing in Russia, Ukraine, Kazahstan and Asian countries.

Rocky Yaman
InstaForex analyst
Professional Technical Analysis and Market reading.

Rocky Yaman

InstaForex analyst

MD Rocky Yaman was born on 18th February. Graduated from East Delta University, Chittagong, Bangladesh by obtaining a degree in Business Administration.

Rocky started Forex trading since 2011. He uses market context and price action elements to understand the market behavior and forecast upcoming moves of the currency pairs. MD Rocky Yaman has developed his own trading technique named Divided by 4 rule which helps to understand the market pressure and real time trade execution for medium term and short term trading. He is writing forex forecasts and articles since 2013 and at the moment is experienced analyst and trainer in Price Action theory.

Our exhibitors of the conference

  • General partner and participant
  • InstaForex

    InstaForex has been providing services of on-line trading since 2007. At this stage the company works with more than 100 000 clients from over than 50 countries, most of them are countries of Europe and Asia. More than 200 traders join InstaForex every day. Currently, InstaForex cooperates with the major international market-makers, introducing composite positions to the inter-bank market. In some cases, individual positions may be introduced to the market as well. This scheme allows InstaForex to work on the client`s side that is why you may be sure that you do not play roulette when use InstaForex services. You make profit on currency movements.

    InstaForex takes an active part in different events of the Forex community, including exhibitions, seminars and conferences.

Schedule of the conference

09:00 - 09:30
09:30 - 10:00
Opening of the Conference, ShowFx Asia Prize Draw
10:00 - 11:00
Alistair Crooks - The Keys To Become A Profitable Trader
11:10 - 12:10
Charlie Burton - How to Turn a $10,000 Account into $100,000
12:10 - 12:40
12:40 - 13:40
Alistair Crooks - The Top 10 Tools & Techniques Every Trader Needs For A Winning Trading Mindset
13:50 - 14:50
Charlie Burton - The Art of Becoming a Real Life Market Wizard
14:50 - 15:20
Q&A session
15:20 - 15:35
InstaForex Prize Draw
15:35 - 16:00
16:00 - 16:45
Rocky Yaman - Professional Technical Analysis and Market Reading
16:55 - 17:40
Sergey Alexandrov - 5 Secrets of Alternative Profit on Forex
17:40 - 17:55
InstaForex Prize Draw
17:55 - 18:00
Closing of the Conference
  • For more details about participation in the exhibition (seminar), please, feel free to contact us by email support@showfxworld.com
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