MasterForex–V is a unique educational project which is based upon the extensive source of authoritative educational materials. MasterForex – V is a real academy of trading. MasterForex-V academy graduates hundreds of traders every year whose successful trading at Forex market is unquestionable proof of MasterForex – V educational project efficiency. Academia MasterForex – V is considered as the best educational project within the territory of the CIS.

Academy MasterForex–V was established in October 2005. The Academy is based upon the essentially different principles than courses of any DC and this is expressed in the main conception of the project:

  • - online education is not time-limited unlike the numerous 3-days – 3-weeks courses, "Academies" and schools of any dealing centers

  • - independence from any dealing center. Trader makes his/her own choice of a dealing center or a broker which he/she wants to work with on Forex taking into consideration opinions of other traders about different dealing centers and personally contacting the management of dealing centers

  • - rejection the service of teachers who are not traders themselves

  • - trading on Forex using one trading system instead of theoretical discussions about hundreds of systems

  • - testing and applying of a trading system is held 24-hours as against the limited hours in the classroom during the different courses at dealing centers. Also trader can ask a question about unclear movements of Forex currency pairs’ movement any time.