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Iren Vr | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 24.07.2017 02:40
The conference in Bratislava was incredibly fascinating, instructive and at the same time humming in a pleasant atmosphere, all the performers were admirable, Mr. Sasin forced us to work with him and that made us a lot to learn. Thanks for an unforgettable day and useful information. I.V.
Filip Bal | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 12.07.2017 10:34
Hello , thank you for great confererence. That was brutal motivation . Peter Sasin is a excellent speaker. Other speakers had super thoughts , but they could have more interesting presentations . Thanks a lot . Carpe diem.
Daniel | Bratislava (Slovakia) | 08.07.2017 18:42
Inspirational conference with great speakers. Peter Sasin\'s speech about NLP was outstanding. That was really great time! Thanks a lot!
anik rahman | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 23.03.2017 19:52
it was a great conference . its unbelievable for me to see 2 great trader in our country . best experience for me .
Md Javed Hossain | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 16.03.2017 16:05
Nice Event, I liked the overall structure of the conference and the speakers. Alistair Crooks, Charlie Burton as well as Rocky Yaman ,all are great. waiting for next event.
Haditul Islam Samit | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 09.03.2017 13:37
Today Me and My Friend Sabbir Ahmed Khan Participate into the conference. We had a great experience for the first time in our life. Thank you for coming to our country and give us that opportunity to make money with new ideas with tradings. I really enjoyed the hospitality and tell you all the very best. I will be in touch with you.
S M Hasib | Dhaka (Bangladesh) | 05.03.2017 03:57
i like this event. crooks and burton were excellent!